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Lead technology team in using ios, android, nodejs and more

Imagination To Real Product

Your wildest imaginations can become real products to shape tomorrow

Clean UI

To provide A-class services and apps, you should apply latest design concepts and tools to impress users. We build our products on angular, bootstrap and material design guideline.


Online social tools changed web. Today having 100k users rushing into your app is not a dream, but scalability is. We grow it horizontally by using couchbase, nodejs, elastic, linux.

Robust Technologies

Since 1943, hundreds of languages have been born most of them are not suited for today's online world. We believe in robust technolgies such as nodejs, native ios and android.


Meet Our Team

We are all tech geeks with 15 years experience. We have been at golden age of many different technologies but never got stuck. We have done C#, Perl, Php, Ruby on Rails, MS-SQL, MYSQL. Today we do NodeJS, Android, iOS Swift and NoSQL. We are all self-motivated geeks and only work with like minded geeks. We embrace limitless web.

  • Skilled Professionals
  • Trending Technologies
  • Caring Ideas
  • Fueling Startups


Successfull Projects


Languages / Technologies

1 M / Year

Highest User Growths


Affordable Packages

Hight tech tailored for you at the right price

This & That

$35/ Geek / Hour

  • 1Shared Team Leader
  • 1Shared Geek
  • 1Shared Tester
  • 0Server Admin
  • 24/7Customer Service (extra fees apply)
10% Discount after 5th projects


$30/ Geek / Hour

  • 1Team Leader
  • 2-5Geeks
  • 1-2Testers
  • 1Server Admin
  • 24/7Customer Service (extra fees apply)
Share option instead of cash is acceptable

Taking Over

$45/ Geek / Hour

  • 1Team Leader
  • 2-5Geeks
  • 1-2Testers
  • 0Server Admin
  • 24/7Customer Service (extra fees apply)
10% Discount for 6 months contract
Our Office

Explore The House

Our office feels just like home. Relax, Work & Have Fun

Creative Team

Creativity is a must for every geek in our house.

Be a Geek

We dig and search web to keep up with latest technolgies.


No organisational chart. We are a team and act as a team.

Fun at Work

Work should be fun. Playing game at work helps with creativity.

Living Healthy

Good sleep, enough rest and sport is a must.


PixelsAndCode is our home. We only leave it to sleep or party.


Amazing Journey

We see ourselves as a small family. We work, eat and play as a team. We've devoted ourselves to tech and have built amazing apps not only in Iran! We've provided services in Iran, Australia, Canada and England. Our clients are part of this family too. We hand-pick them one by one to make sure we have a great colleration.

We are always looking to find like-minded developers. So if you think you are craving to learn, contact us and we show you the path to the light.

  • 2015/03
    We (3 geeks) started from a very old small office in Abbas Abad to become the best in tech. They had a strong desire to build world class apps.
  • 2015/09
    We expanded our team to 5 in less than 6 months. Got new trainees and started doing what we are best at, building scalable API based systems using the latest technologies. Relocated to our new office at west of Tehran.
  • 2016/03
    We locked in 3 big startups as our clients and expanded our team to 8 geeks. Moved back to Abbas Abad at a new massive office with capacity of 20 geeks.
  • 2016/09
    Now we are team of 14 geeks. Working with top startups around the world. Motivated than ever and trying to hunt down more geeks.
  • 2017/03
    We want to have you as part of our team. We love your brain. We are going to be team of 20 with more clients on board and more cooler stuff pumping out.

PixelsAndCode Team

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